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The Mansfield

Mural Project

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A 462 foot long mural I designed and painted for the town of Mansfield MA. The mural depicts the history of Mansfield using two different methods, the first is a complex allegorical trompe l'oeil section (approx. 150 ft) and the second is an elaborate historical narrative painting. The painting was initially conceived in my sketchbook then scanned and collaged in Photoshop. During the approval process I made several presentations for the consideration of the town council, the historical society and the citizens of Mansfield. My presentations included full color renderings, power point presentations, and a scale model.

The giant painting is located adjacent to the Mansfield train station and can be seen in great detail on google maps and if you view the street view on your computer you can go back in time and see the mural at different stages of completion.


Here is a link:

57 chauncy st Mansfield, MA 

I began working on this project early 2011. Late in the year of 2012 the project was approved and painting was to begin in June of 2013. For the next three years i worked from June to October painting the mural and finally signed it in October of 2015.


For my 15 months of painting and year long preparation I was awarded the Mansfield historical society's historical preservation award, a proclamation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and the entire mural committee including myself were recognized again by the House of Representatives with a proclamation for community enrichment.

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